For thousands of years people have been using cosmic energy often called
Chi, Prana and Bioenergy, for healing illnesses that are often considered incurable.

In the 1970’s, the renowned European healer, Zdenko Domancic,
developed a new method of bioenergy healing which is highly effective
and unique in it’s simplicity. Over the years it has been medically documented,
patient after patient, to quickly help diminish AIDS, leukemia, epilepsy,
tumors, gangrene, MS and many others…

It is also practiced successfully at a distance and in just four days this method
can be taught to most anyone.

Can this be true?

Going against the time-honored laws of Newtonian science,
and the strong taboos of traditional medicine and established religion;
innovative scientists are now confirming that THOUGHT can change
physical matter and influence our physiology.
This can directly affect our immune system and also the immune system
of others, even at a distance.

Although Bioenergy still cannot be defined, this film demystifies the “miracle”
of this type of healing and shows that curing a serious illness, could be an innate ability
that lies dormant in each one of us .

THINK ABOUT IT, counterbalances this seemingly esoteric subject with a
thoughtful, straight forward treatment of real-life experiences and impressions of
patients, scientists, medical doctors, bioenergy students and
the healer, Zdenko Domancic.